Your teen wants your advice – now what?

If you’ve been reading my previous monthly emails, you know that we chatted about our trust bucket and how to build up trust with your teen. We also discussed that if you respect boundaries and do your best to only provide your advice when they are open to it – they are much more apt to have a positive receiving experience.

So what do you do when that magical moment happens and your teen says “sure, Mom/Dad – I’d love to hear what you think.” 🤯’’

I never want you to feel like you are tiptoeing around your teen and you have to hold back what you want to say – BUT it is important to acknowledge your teen’s attention span.

Research shows that teens pay close attention for about 30 seconds ⏰ at a time. This means you want to keep your side of the conversation to about 30 seconds and then give them a chance to respond.

Include a lot of questions and opportunities for them to share their thoughts and feelings about the topic of conversation. The more they feel they contributed, the more likely they are to walk away and actually take action on what you discussed!

While it may seem like positive conversations with your teen are few and far between, I’m here to encourage you and say it IS possible! 🙌🏽

I go into depth on these topics in my Teen Speak Course. If you want a sneak peak, try Micro Learning: Cracking the code: Master the Art of Teen Speak.

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