Parenting a teen…

Parenting a teen can be aggravating, confusing, and WONDERFUL – all at the same time!

Equipped with “Teen Speak®” communication skills you can overcome the most common challenges of parenting a teen.

You deserve as much information, support and helpful guidance as parents of newborns! Teen Speak provides real-world strategies to support the next phase in your parenting journey.

Dr. Jennifer Salerno developed the Teen Speak series to help parents confidently connect with their teens on common risk behaviors like substance use, sex, and mental health concerns.

We know parenting a teen isn’t easy – and communicating with them can sometimes be a challenge—so we’re here to help!

Why Teen Speak?

  • Variety: Teen Speak offers a variety of educational and interactive options to help you find the format that works best for you. Pick one or try them all! Together the Teen Speak Series offers a comprehensive (and supportive) program for everyone supporting or parenting a teen.
  • Convenience: Life is busy, so learn at your own pace in your own time.
  • Relevance: Teen Speak provides realistic scenarios and a detailed roadmap on how to tackle even the toughest conversations with ease.

Better communication with your teen helps to create a trusting relationship that supports their positive decision making—even when you are not around. Get started today!

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    Did you know?

    Teens who feel connected to their family:

    Have less drug use
    Delay sex
    Have less depressive feelings leading to suicide

Protect, Connect and Build Trust with Teen Speak®

A how-to-guide for everyone supporting or parenting a teen.

Learn more about what to expect during the teen years, including:

  • how your teen thinks
  • why they may be experimenting with new behaviors
  • how you can support them as they become young adults through techniques and strategies that have been scientifically-proven to be effective.

With her real-world approach Dr. Jen breaks down each strategy into achievable, practical steps.

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Transform Goals Into Reality with the Teen Speak Workbook

Put the strategies from the Teen Speak book and online learning course into practice with a variety of

  • real-world scenarios
  • role-play suggestions
  • thought-provoking questions that will help you figure out which techniques best match your personal parenting style.

Complete it on your own, or work through it with a partner, friend or group of fellow parents.

This workbook will prepare you for the important conversations with your teen – you’ll be ready to apply your skills where and when it counts!

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  • Get “Next-Level” Skills with the Teen Speak Online Learning Course

    7 learning modules provide parents and supportive adults with an interactive and engaging opportunity to learn more about:

    • Physical, emotional and sexual changes happening in teens as they grown from a 9-year-old “tween” to a 19-year-old young adult.
    • Ways to talk with tweens and teens so that they will hear and act on what you are sharing to make safer decisions when faced with risky situations.
    • Supporting each other in the day-to-day experience of parenting a teen

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Start connecting with your teen today and build an even stronger relationship into the future!

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  • "Dr. Salerno is the teen whisperer!"

  • "So true to life, I was able to start using the techniques right away!"

  • "Teen Speak can best be described as ‘divine intervention’ for parents"

  • "Real strategies that work-- teen speak is a gem"

  • "Parents are often left wondering, “How did we get here and what do I do now?” Teen Speak will answer those questions!"

  • "Sometimes what parents really need is just a place to start."

  • "Thank you Dr. Salerno! Teens, you should thank her too!"