Parenting a teen…

Parenting a teen can be aggravating, confusing, and WONDERFUL – all at the same time!

Equipped with “Teen Speak®” communication skills you can overcome the most common challenges of parenting a teen.

Is this behavior normal? I want to protect my teen! How can I talk to my teen about that?

You deserve as much information, support and helpful guidance as parents of newborns! Teen Speak provides real-world strategies to support the next phase in your parenting journey.


Level up your relationship with our 7 day micro-learning, designed to help parents understand the unique language and communication style of teens, with just 5 minutes a day. Micro-learning is the perfect tool for busy parents, with easy-to-follow strategies that can be completed in one week, with just 5 minutes a day. 

“This changed my parenting approach, allowing me to learn another way to talk to my teen! I highly recommend this course if you are struggling with talking with your teenager or wondering what are those next steps to be able to engage with them more.” – Sally P

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Parent course

Parent Online Course

This course is designed to empower parents and caregivers to navigate the ever-changing teen development, providing insights into physical, emotional and social changes. Equip yourself with effective communication strategies that will help you learn to face challenging situations with confidence and create a foundation for a strong, healthy and thriving parent-teen relationship that will last a lifetime.

The interactive course features video lessons, worksheets, action plans, and honest accounts from parents in the thick of it, in addition to parents who have “been there, done that.”

“The topics in the Teen Speak course were relevant for caregivers and parents who want to be intentional about connecting and staying engaged with their teens.” -Chinwe-Efuribe

Parent-teen workshop

An interactive, live 2-hour workshop for you AND your tweens/teens to come together to laugh, connect, and learn new strategies that will set your family on a powerful trajectory they can build on for years to come! Collaborate with your school’s PTA to cultivate a more connected and supportive school community.

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Teen Speak

Dr. Jennifer Salerno developed the Teen Speak series to help parents confidently connect with their teens on common risk behaviors like substance use, sex, and mental health concerns.

We know parenting a teen isn’t easy – and communicating with them can sometimes be a challenge—so we’re here to help!

Did you know?

Teens who feel connected to their family:

Have less drug use

Delay sex

Have less depressive feelings leading to suicide

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Teen Speak

Teen Speak Book

Protect, Connect and Build Trust with Teen Speak®

A how-to-guide for everyone supporting or parenting a teen. Learn more about what to expect during the teen years, including:

  • how your teen thinks
  • why they may be experimenting with new behaviors
  • how you can support them as they become young adults through techniques and strategies that have been scientifically-proven to be effective.

With her real-world approach Dr. Jen breaks down each strategy into achievable, practical steps.

Get the Book

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“Sometimes what parents really need is just a place to start.”

“A ‘What to Expect’ for teens.”

“So true to life, I was able to start using the techniques right away!”

Start connecting with your teen today and build an even stronger relationship into the future!