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Dr. Jennifer Salerno
Nurse Practitioner. Researcher. Author. Mom.

Dr. Jen is an internationally-recognized expert on preventing and reducing youth risks. With more than 25 years of experience as a nurse practitioner, and as a mom of two herself, Dr. Jen understands teens and their families.

Having a trusted adult is one of the most important factors for preventing and reducing youth risks.

Using the latest technologies, research, and communication strategies, Dr. Jen equips parents and caregivers with the practical tools they need to feel comfortable connecting with their tweens and teens on important topics like substance use, sex and mental health. And everyday topics like phone use, grades and getting their rooms cleaned.

Dr. Jennifer Salerno

About Teen Speak®

Why is everyone assuming parents already know how to comfortably talk with their teens to keep them out of harm’s way? When inevitably faced with risky situations, a parent’s influence has a significant impact on a teen’s decisions.

The Teen Speak series provides…

  • Realistic scenarios with relatable situations that resonate with busy parents, offering a practical approach to handling real-life challenges with your teen.
  • A detailed roadmap on how to tackle conversations about youth risks with ease.
  • Easy-to-Follow Strategies that can be immediately implemented in daily interactions.

Learn how to establish a trusting relationship with your teen that supports open communication and positive decision-making (even when you are not around).

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“Essentially, Teen Speak is the closest thing to an owner’s manual for parents of teenagers Parents will find insight about their developing teens and practical advice and guidance on how to support healthy teen-parent relationships. A must-read for every parent!”

Dr. Terri D. Wright


“Dr. Salerno does a wonderful job outlining numerous situations that can and do occur with a teen, and how to get more out of your conversations. It’s so easy to ask one-sided questions or start arguments with my son. Dr. Salerno brings attention to this in an easy-to-follow way that sheds new light on my parenting and provides examples for how to break this habit.”

Erica Thwing


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