Understanding the Emotional Burden your Teen is Carrying

Hormones. Something we talk about a lot when it comes to our teens.

We talk about this a lot because it plays a large role in every aspect of our teen’s lives. It impacts the physical changes they are going through, but also the emotions they experience. 

Big emotions are great in so many ways and can lead to passion and excitement, but it can also impact our teens in a negative way. It is important to be aware of what this could look like. It can come in forms of depression, anger, seclusion–and the sooner we can notice these negative emotional changes, the quicker we are likely able to help them come through it.

Some great foundational tools for helping your teen work through their big emotions are:

  • Journaling: encourage your teen to keep a journal – even just writing a gratitude list or a recap of the day can help them process their emotions
  • Music: allow the opportunity for your teen to listen to (and even play!) music of their choice. Yes we prefer it to be appropriate but let them choose the genre. This can guide their emotions and channel them in the right ways.
  • Exercise: we all know there are SO many amazing benefits to exercise. Keep providing opportunities for your child to move their body they way THEY love to
  • Counselor/Therapist: having your teen speak with a professional can be super helpful! We don’t have to wait to use this resource as a last resort. Scheduling an appointment sooner rather than later may save your teen from going deeper into their emotional struggles

Your teen’s wild emotions may sometimes frustrate you, but do your best to show love and patience in these wild times as this is when they need you most!

Visit this LINK for more information and some phone and text resources.

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