Strengthening Parent-Teen Connections in Northern NJ

Parent engagement and education is hard work, but it is so very crucial. At the Child and Adolescent Health Program (CAHP) in Northern New Jersey, they strive in all their programs to not tell teens or parents what to think or do but to give them the skills and tools to communicate better and make healthy choices for themselves and their families. That’s what led them to Teen Speak.

Our exclusive Teen Speak® Training of Educators equips teams with the knowledge, skills and confidence to provide parent workshops that empower parents with effective, real-world communication strategies to reduce youth risk factors and build strong family relationships. Teen Speak can be facilitated in many ways to meet the needs of participants – as workshops, book clubs, lunch and learns, one on one – you choose what works best.

Over the past few months, CAHP worked hard to train and support grantees who are now piloting Teen Speak. One of their grantees, Partnership for Maternal and Child Health of Northern NJ, with the enthusiasm and leadership of their SRAE Coordinator, has been doing a phenomenal job and received a great piece of feedback from one of their partners:

“My parents have loved the sessions!  Yesterday at pick up they were raving about the info and how to put it in practice.”

Tiffany Charles, Program Coordinator for the Teen Outreach Program (TOP) at Partnership for Maternal and Child Health of Northern New Jersey, added:

“We are so excited that our parents are so receptive to the information we are providing through Teen Speak! This affirms that it was the right fit for our Teen Pregnancy Prevention (TPP) vision.  We felt a little uncertain about how parents would react, but they love the information we have to offer.”

Teen Speak’s mission is to connect with teens to prevent and reduce risky behaviors now and build strong relationships for the future. Interested in hosting a Teen Speak Training of Educators with your organization? Contact us to learn more!

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