Mother’s Day Prep Guide – How to Get Your Best Mother’s Day Ever!

Okay mamas, we all know how it feels. You subtly drop hints for your spouse or kids to buy you the perfect gift or plan a fun family day. You’ve probably even sent a few links or not-so-subtly said That’d make a great Mother’s Day gift! as you drive by the spa… We believe and KNOW you deserve that perfect Mother’s Day, but it can be a little tricky to actually experience it. So here are some tips to make your Mother’s Day special this year AND to set a base for future holidays for the whole family. 

First, get clear with what YOU want on Mother’s Day! Some moms want a day to themselves at the spa or to do a wine tasting afternoon with their friends, while other moms want their family to spend the day together and do a picnic lunch at the park, beach or lake.Sometimes we just want a day to relax and not have to take care of anything or anyone! Be clear with yourself on what you want. 

Once you are clear on what you want the day to look like… talk with your tweens/teens prior to Mother’s Day.

  • At dinner this week ask everyone to share what a perfect day would look like using a fully open question (one of the Teen Speak- TS strategies). Tell me what a perfect day would look like for you.

    You may need to prompt your kids with further questions like What would you do? Who are you with?

    [then stay quiet and give everyone space to share]
  • Further the conversation by sharing: 

    On special days, like birthdays, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day – it would mean a lot if we can all work together to give that person their perfect day.
  • Use some affirmations (TS strategy) to help strengthen their commitment: 

    Ellie you have great organizational and planning skills, Jackson you are a great cook.
  • End with planning (TS strategy) 

    How can we use everyone’s strengths to make these days special? 

    [then stay quiet and give everyone space to share]

Mother’s Day is coming quickly 😉 share what YOU want. 

Download our Mother’s Day Prep Guide to support you in starting and leading this conversation with your family. This guide includes our exclusive Shield of Strength activity that will help your tween/teen in setting a solid foundation!

Wishing you the best Mother’s Day yet!

Dr Jen & the Teen Speak Team

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