Everything you need to know about puberty

Puberty. PHEW. 

It can be a whirlwind for us,but I challenge you to imagine what a whirlwind it is for your teen!

Let’s just focus on the physical changes today. Did you know the average weight gain during puberty years is 45 pounds for teens?

For a young man, this can be exciting as they develop lean muscle mass and grow taller–but for your daughter, she may be feeling very overwhelmed and uncomfortable with the extra fat her hormones are storing (specifically in the chest, midsection and thighs). It’s important to be aware of our teen’s emotions during this time and be supportive. 

A few sensitive ways you can support your teen during puberty:

Provide Healthy Meals: A high sugar intake can increase hormonal effects such as acne, excess weight gain and mood swings. Support your teen’s body by giving them nutrient-dense meals with plenty of protein, healthy fats and complex carbs. My favorite blog for some nutritious recipes is  https://www.eatingwell.com/gallery/7884878/healthy-dinner-ideas-for-family/.

Offer to take your teen shopping for properly fitting clothes! Their middle school wardrobe won’t do the trick for long – give them the opportunity to find clothes they love that also fit them well! Awkwardly tight shirts or jeans that barely zip are NOT a confidence-booster.

Physical Activity: Be sure your teen has a physical outlet! If they are already in sports – awesome – but if not, give them the opportunity to choose something they love. Maybe a local yoga studio membership or a pass to the community pool to swim laps. Whatever that looks like for them, support them in moving their body multiple days per week. This does wonders for their physical body, but also their emotions. 

The most important thing is to support your teen and keep the critical commentary (even if you are saying it playfully) about their physical changes to yourself during this trying time for them! 

Let’s keep building a home of support & love.

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