Brain Development in your Teen & Pre-Teen 🧠

Our teens are physically growing like weeds, but did you know their brain is going through significant changes as well?

Preteens go from a black and white way of thinking to more complex as they enter their teenage years. As teens mature, their decision-making skills increase, but when they get put into sticky situations like being offered a drink at a party, they can revert back to their less mature ways of thinking.

There are ways to help your teens practice answers to these types of sticky situations and these practices allow for them to be confident in their decisions.

Do your best to keep these scenarios straightforward. No need to over exaggerate or have a script. Simply ask THEM what a good response would be in a tough situation they may come across. An example might be asking them “What are some things you could say if you are offered alcohol at a friend’s house?”  Keep this age appropriate and take into consideration your child’s personality.

Unsure of how to practice or confused on where to begin? My course guides you in how to approach and handle this.

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