A No-Filter Approach to Communicating with Your Teen

It’s no secret that this generation of teens is immersed in tech and only 0.4 seconds away from Googling anything that comes to mind. It may even feel like we are constantly fighting for their attention against the tiny device in their hands. 

As a mom who raised teens in the thick of screen time advancement, I know exactly how it can feel when you are just trying to have a meaningful conversation and your teens’ eyes keep going down to their lap. They try to be sneaky – but a parent knows 😉

Imagine this for a moment…

You come home from work and your teen is settled on the couch, scrolling Instagram. 

You take off your shoes, put your work bag away and walk towards the kitchen to start prepping dinner. 

Your teen drops their phone on the couch, settles on a counter stool and starts talking to you about their day. They tell you about what someone said and how it made them feel.

Then… they ask you what you think they should do.

⬆️ Is that a scenario that happens in your home or are you automatically rolling your eyes and thinking Yeah right, Dr. Jen – my teen would NEVER choose to do that.

I want you to recognize that the above scenario CAN be true for you and your family – but it doesn’t always happen naturally. I have had hundreds of parents come to me pulling their hair out because their teen won’t share anything with them, conversations are short and eyes are rolled often. But I want you to know that it doesn’t have to be that way. 

I have dedicated my career to educating and supporting parents of teens to develop strong relationships and here is what I have found…

✅ Tweens and Teens WANT to have a close connection with their parents (or caregivers)

✅ Parents/Caregivers desire a strong relationship, but unknowingly push their teens further away by being unsure of how to approach the relationship

✅ Just a few purposeful steps towards building strong communication habits will completely transform your Parent-Teen relationship

The above is exactly why I created Cracking the Code: Mastering the Art of Teen Speak. In just ONE week, dedicating 5 minutes each day, you will level up your relationship with your teen. This micro-learning is designed to help you understand the unique language and communication style of teens. 

Each day you will have a short video and exact guidelines for taking action in real life. This isn’t general fluffy content – but the exact proven strategies that hundreds of parents have implemented and LOVED. 

When joining for just $39, you get access to your own personal portal with daily video lessons from me, PLUS worksheets to guide you throughout the micro-learning. 

With daily learning + taking the few, quick action steps, you will:

✨Uncover the secrets to real talks

✨Know exactly what to say and how to say it to get your teen off tech and into a conversation they WANT to have with you

✨Feel confident in even the most awkward conversations including “the talk,” alcohol-use, slipping grades, and breaking curfew.

Click here to learn more about Cracking the Code: Mastering the Art of Teen Speak!

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