The ultimate online course for parents of teens…

Ever wish you could change the outcome of a situation with your teen with just a click of a button? With the Teen Speak Online Course for parents, you can!

11 modules cover the basics of 2-way communication with your teen and include a focus on successfully managing the resistance we all encounter (every now and then). The interactive content and activities included in the course will help you put new strategies into successful action right away.

Included in the last module are “hot topic” scenarios of common parent-teen struggles, including suggestions for trying new strategies when dealing with them. Instead of arguing and pulling away from each other, you will be creating stronger bonds and a trusting relationship. With this uniquely tailored online course for parents you will feel confidant navigating even the toughest discussions.

“I usually don’t like on-line training because it often seems contrived.
This on-line course was engaging and offered new information in a user friendly format.”

Hot Topics Include:

  • Technology Boundaries
  • Clothing Battles
  • Peer Pressure
  • Sex

Course Features:

  • The interactive, online course for parents can be used independently, completed with your co-parent or friend, or discussed in a group (like a book club).
  • Login on any device, anywhere, any time.
  • The course takes about 3 hours to complete, and your place in the course is saved automatically – so you can come back to whenever it’s convenient for you.

Cost: $39.99