Partnering with parents to build strong relationships with tweens & teens

Are you in need of an easy-to-implement, effective and engaging tool to support parents in building their relationship and communication with their tweens or teens at home?

Parenting, supporting, and working with tweens & teens is tough business. As professionals, we strive to give it our all, but sometimes we’re lacking synergy and the relational equity with the parents we work with to truly experience real improvements and positive change.

Real transformation happens when the professionals supporting youth and their biggest influence—parents—work together!

The Teen Speak Course

A self-guided course made just for parents of tweens & teens

Led by a nurse practitioner, author, speaker and creator of Teen Speak, Dr. Jennifer Salerno’s 7-module course covers:

  • Discovering your SUPERPOWERS. Define the perfect relationship, understand you and your teen’s motivations and how to have “the talk.”
  • The Ultimate Guide to Understanding your Teen’s Mind, Body & Soul Changes. Master understanding the confusing growth and development in their bodies and be prepared for what’s ahead.
  • Creating a Winning Team. Learn how to be on the same team instead of fouling out after every conversation.
  • Thriving, not just Surviving, Talks with Your Teen. Learn, practice and master strategies for communicating effectively.
  • The Secrets to Real Talks with Your Teen. Discover tools that will help draw out thoughtful discussion, help your teen feel heard and understood.
  • Facing Your Fears. Strengthen awareness of risk behaviors and how to guide them toward positive, healthy decision making.
  • Planning for Success — Work through common arguments and learn how to come up with a plan for behavior change together with your teen.

The interactive course features video lessons, worksheets, action plans, and honest accounts from parents in the thick of it, in addition to parents who have “been there, done that.”

After completing the course, parents will:

  • Understand what’s happening in their teen’s bodies, minds and souls
  • Learn the building blocks for a strong, healthy relationship
  • Become the adult support person their teen comes to when they want to talk
  • Have open lines of communication with their sons and daughters
  • Be equipped to create the relationship with their teen they always wished they had

Added Bonus: An easy implementation to your parent population

We know you’re busy doing what you do best–serving adolescents! We’ll handle the marketing and guide you through the process to make it super easy to implement the Teen Speak program with parent communication from start to finish, including:

  • Email language & recommended timing
  • Social media graphics 
  • Pre- and post-course evaluations with custom infographic showcasing results

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