We are proud to work with community-based organizations and schools who provide services and education to the  parents of tweens and teens.

With over twenty years of experience working with youth and families – Dr. Jennifer Salerno recognizes the diverse challenges parent-serving organizations face.

Training of Educators: Equip yourself with the knowledge, skills and confidence to provide your own parent workshops through our exclusive Teen Speak® Training of Educators, based on our Teen Speak curriculum.

Consulting Services: Have a challenge related to parent engagement or youth risk prevention? We can design services to meet your organization’s unique needs, including providing parent workshops for you.

Speaking Engagements: Looking for a speaker? Dr. Jennifer Salerno is an internationally recognized speaker on youth risk behaviors and prevention.

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  • "Teen Speak workshops have been a great resource for us to offer parents. And it’s actually made our other program outreach that much more effective."

  • “The trainers were very knowledgeable and dynamic. I appreciated the first-hand experiences shared as examples during the training.”

  • “I admit I sometimes think I know so much, having taught parenting, raising four children, teaching adolescents for many years, and now having grandchildren. Yet your research and practical approach was refreshing.”

Teen Speak® Training of Educators

Equip parents with effective, real-world communication strategies to reduce youth risk factors and build strong family relationships.

Here’s what a parent workshop looks like:

Part 1: online learning course or Teen Speak guide

Prior to attending the in-person workshop, Teen Speak parenting education materials give participants a chance to ‘try on’ new skills and learn more about youth development and risk factors. This increases the learning opportunities (and retention) for parents and puts less pressure on the facilitators to provide all the content.

The Teen Speak interactive Online Learning Course is designed to be facilitated in a group setting or used by individuals at their own pace.

Part 2: in-person workshop

Enhance participant learning with in-person education and practice. You can host a “lunch & learn,” half-day workshop, or anything in-between. Participants will leave feeling prepared to connect with and handle common scenarios with teens.

Facilitators focus on leading activities and discussion during the in-person workshops to help participants translate their new knowledge and skills into everyday practice. You’ll be teaching:

The result? More cohesive families and communities.

Teen Speak® Training of Educators graduates receive:

  • Certificate as a Teen Speak facilitator
  • Step-by-step facilitator guide
  • Workshop education and resource materials: the workshop presentation on PowerPoint, supporting materials, and videos to use for parent workshops
  • Discounted Teen Speak books, virtual learning course and workbooks to use when facilitating workshops

Who should you invite to a workshop?

  • Parents
  • Grandparents
  • Aunts/Uncles
  • Foster Parents
  • Guardians
  • Court Appointed Special Advocates
  • Any Supportive Adult

If you interact with teens, you can benefit from Teen Speak!

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Tailored Options

Speaking Engagements

Dr. Jennifer Salerno provides real-world, easy-to-implement strategies to organizations working with teens and their parents and supportive adults. From hands on, empowering motivational interviewing workshops to inspiring and informative keynotes, institute sessions, and panel discussions Dr. Jennifer is helping organizations improve parenting education and encourage comfortable, open discussions about youth risk prevention.

Consulting Services

Take the next step in fostering innovation in teen health, parent engagement and youth risk prevention.

Services include:

  • project management
  • evaluation support
  • technology integration
  • course development
  • quality improvement
  • capacity building

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